1. Course Description

We teach a variety of Chinese dances: Chinese classical, Chinese Ballet and contemporary, and mostly Chinese folk dances. There are many ethnic groups in China. Each one of them has their own culture and unique style of music and dance. Learning Chinese folk dances is not only to enjoy their beauty but also to learn Chinese culture in a fun way. Meanwhile the body training in dance enhances the development of fine and gross motor skills as children run, skip, leap, stretch, coordinate, isolate and move to the music. Chinese dance is for everyone and not just Asian girls.

2. What We Learn

The curriculum is designed to gently introduce students to a structured and safe classroom environment while instilling in them the physical and emotional confidence to explore and create. April Rain Dance has been invited to perform around Austin. The stage experiences, while enrich children's life, give them confidence to face diverse audiences. Adult class is great for adults to have exercise, to keep a young body, soft and strong, graceful and charming. It's also a place to develop friendship.