2020 Moon Festivel

2019 Dance Competition


Dance Showcase, Talent on Parade, Showstopper

Locked Autumn, Samantha Gargano, 1st place in category, 1st place overall
Uyghur Roses, Alyna Lee, 1st in category, 2nd overall
Spring Is Here, Caroline Guo, 1stt in category, 5th overall
Rain in Bamboo Woods, Aimee Keller, Platinum 1st in category
Lotus, Aimee Keller, Platinum first place , 2nd in category
After Rain, Iris Wang, Diamond
Mongolian Grassland, Alice Zhang, Elite

Picking Tea Leaves, Alice Loo & Josephine Wang, 1st in category, 2nd overall
Horizon, Claire Deng & Michelle Huang, Diamond

Small Group
Lotus, Diamond, 3rd overall
Raining Garden, 1st in category, 5th overall
Joyful Springs, 1st in category

Large Group
Tibetan Zhuoma, 1st in category, 1st overall

Dance competition at Stage One

May 12-13, 2018

All 3 dances received Double Platinum (scored 276, 280, and 280 out of 300) and placed 5th, 3rd, and 2nd over all.

City of Austin 2018 New Year Eve

Press Conference at City Hall

AREAA Gala at Austin’s new Central Library

Chinese New Year Celebration

Performed at Facebook